One of the many ways in which I would like this blog to serve me is in recording events that happen and actions that I take so that I might better understand the rhythms that govern (specifically my) life. For example, today is the day of the waxing half-moon. Aside from the obvious significance for better understanding the world’s (and thus the Gods’) own calendar, I also happened to have accomplished a great many things in the garden. It will be interesting to see what effect the moon will have on them.

First of all, the S’s, Ch., Cl. and I went out to the old prison garden, now handed over to the municipal council, and dug out blueberry shoots to transplant to our respective gardens. I took some nine home, along with three sassafras’s and a little maple. I took the opportunity as well in planting these at home, to lay out a rough pattern for our backyard, which still looks like a glorified sand-box but with two towering trees and a shed plopped right int he middle, and put in the daffodils and paper-whites that Mom had brought over nearly a week ago. I had planted the mint already some days previously, though no shoots are apparent.  I also noted that the two chrysanthemums that I thought had died over Samhain have pout out new shoots, so I also took the opportunity to water everything that needed it and take a general stock of things.

Thus despite a very bad night last night, with little Toirdhealbhach sleeping a total of five hours between 8pm last night and 8pm this morning, the day drifted pleasantly past with much time spent with friends and outside. I have noticed that since Samhain this month seems to have brought a phase of spiritual eddying for me. I’ve not felt as ‘plugged-in’ as I have, with that sense of being on the verge of spilling into a glorious, adventurous future giving way to a not unpleasant but hardly productive feeling of lazy contentment. No rituals, barely more writing, and a shocking moment of realization regarding my place in the socio-economic contract have all coalesced into a sense that I ‘could be doing better’.

These are several topics that I very much want to reflect on very soon:

  • The relationship between the fiscal aspect of society and the spirits inherent to that society: e.g. how the material culture of our lives hinges on attitude and expectation.
  • How learning what my current credit score has 1) yet again illustrated the law of attraction and 2) sparked an arc of humiliations that have in turn spurred me to further reflections.
  • Why Lowes hardware store brings on a feeling that the Zombie Apocalypse is about to begin.

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