Lánghealach … ach cén mhí ? (Gaulish, mar tá é)

For the last week or so it’s been very hard to sleep. Of course, part of that has primarily to do with Toirdhealbhach’s newfound midnight energy, but part of it I am sure has to do with an bhanrían gheal. The last three nights I’ve felt an unaccustomed surge of energy in the early evening only to find shortly later that the moon had risen. Now that I think of it, an cumhacht ag Toirdhealbhach is not truly at midnight but coincided with the apex of the moon as well. Tonight I plan to have a fire and beannacht na nÉscai.

I’m also starting some rhubarb seeds that C. brought over this morning. I’ve not even checked the books that I have which deal with the best time of planting according to the moon, but I’m not that concerned about it since I figure that rhubarb is probably not the best of plants for Carolina mu Dheas anyway. Besides, I had enough rhubarb  in Orkney to last a decade and, assuming these seeds are successful, they won’t even come to fruition for a couple of years. I’m curiously watching my sassafras and blueberries planted in last week. They are clearly showing their stress now, but I don’t think they’re failing yet.




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