Zombies … again

I am not sure exactly why, but one of my recurring dreamtypes is the zombie apocalypse. Last night it started with a simple dream where I was walking along a woodland path that emerged from the larger growth to skirt a little clearing.  I was accosted by several people who warned me of a new zombie-virus, whereupon I immediately encountered an old friend from graduate school who was acting strangely. It seems that this zombie virus allowed some brain functions to remain active, so this friend of mine insisted that he was fine. He did not seem wholly coherent, and he started trying to get a hold on me when I suddenly realized that his spine was protruding from the base of his neck. Then I woke up.

Later last night this was followed by a far more intense and involved dream wherein my wife and children and I were trying to survive the apocalypse in a very fantastic Edinburgh. The populace had blocked off areas of the city and boarded up windows from the inside, creating warrens out of each city block. These then were existing in a state of semi-autonomy and rivalry with other blocks and much of the dream involved our moving from one block to another and trying to navigate their various politics and antagonisms while avoiding the seething zombie hordes.

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