Tarrocchi an Mheán Oidhche

My infant son was up a while back, and unable to sleep I decided to take a  reading. I use the Sorcerer’s Tarot. I was in a book shop in Glasgow, and the deck leapt out at me from the shelf. I’ve not been regular in my use of it, but I think I’ll start more.

My impulse was not just to take any spread but was actually to get an answer to something that had been bothering me since Imbolc. After I finished the rite outside, D. and I decided to take a reading with her deck (a combination of the Witches’ Tarot and the Ryder-Waite deck). The question on her mind was basically what would happen in the next year or so and specifically if we would be moving to Tennessee as might be possible.

Everything in the reading was positive, with good things coming from all directions, but the final card in the tenth position representing the real outcome was the five of pentacles. Now however you cut it, that’s not a good card from a financial standpoint, so we decided to do a couple three-card spreads just to get a clarification. This turned out a little better with the Ace of Pentacles in the centre position, but there was still a shadow over the final outcome. My interpretation was that we would achieve financial stability, even a degree of real, concrete prosperity, but that we would also suffer a deal of stress and worry as a result of it.

Yes, I wasn’t convinced either, so I pulled out my own cards tonight to see what I would get to the question: ‘how will my financial position be come Samhain?’ Along with this was the simultaneous implied question: ‘what should I do to gain the greatest deal of wealth?’ This was how the cards played out:

  1. (present) VII: The Chariot
  2. (crosses) XX: Judgment
  3. (above) 10 Chalice
  4. (below) 6 Pentacles
  5. (behind) II: High Priestess
  6. (before) IX: Hermit
  7. (future position) Queen of Pentacles
  8. (house) 2 Chalices
  9. (self-perception) 5 Wands
  10. (final outcome) Knave of Wands

NOw, we will see what happens, but the way I read this is that my questions will be answered and that this is a very exciting time of new beginnings and transitions. I see myself moving from a place of interest and initiation to a pursuit of real knowledge and wisdom, so the first half of the spread is pretty positive. The second five cards are a little harder for me. There is either some sort of warning about relationships here or an indication that through good management I’ll achieve a point of bright-eyed and bushy-tailed entrepreneurialship. I would, of course, rather the latter.

I could also see how this interacts with the reading last night. If by Samhain I’ve arrived at a place of new, sound management in getting a financial endeavor off the ground, there is a good chance that it will be a bit stressful. I am still unconvinced that the five of pentacles means genuine financial ruin, but this may be because I always see two sides to every situation …

… okay, I really see three sides to every situation, but that is beside the point.

Chaos is simply the infinite potential for the imposition of creative order, so the five of pentacles could mean something along those lines. Whatever it means, I will not allow the next year to go by without generating some seriously impressive wealth. It’s time to let go of my previously maintained stigma regarding money and enjoy the fertility that is all around.

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