Something is afoot and has been for a couple of days now. Yesterday on my way home, a whirlwind greeted me right before I arrived. This morning in class, one of my students was absent, but before I took attendance I could have sworn that she was there. I saw her, clear as daylight, standing at the back corner by the doorway, but when I took attendance the other students assured me that she had not been in the room. This afternoon, after my classes were done, I was working in the garden and a sudden flashback came back to me as in the old days when prescient dreams were the norm. All in all, it is clear to me that there is something brewing. I don’t know if it’s the price of gas going up ten cents in a night or what, but tonight seems iconic – as if after today things will change permanently with no chance of going back. I only wish to record this impression on the off chance that there is some reality behind it.

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