Arrogance, Ignorance, and Bureaucracy

Here in central South Carolina, the weather is rapidly approaching drought conditions. This might be expected on the one hand due to our position and history, but on the other it’s a 180 degree turn from where we were one month ago. Most people today see this as the simple mechanical result of the Earth’s rotation, its orbit, the laws of thermodynamics and global warming. I disagree.

I was at first surprised when so many towns were being blasted by tornadoes. Some towns in Alabama were almost completely wiped off of the map, and the twisters even went as far North as Massachussettes. Then I started looking at demographics and began noticing a pattern. Now, I don’t feel that it is safe for me here to note what that pattern is, lest I be accused of intolerance or fear-mongering, but I think it significant that many places are being reduced to effectively a desert.

It feels like a desert out there right now, with the heat rising and the sun beating down. It won’t help if the Dept. of Transportation cuts down the large oaks that are along one of the core routes into our downtown area. A number of us have gotten involved trying to stop this plan, but the DOT claims that the cutting is neccessary for driver safety. Their real concern is the limiting of drivers’ ability to carry litigation against them, but the real problem is what will happen if the trees are felled. Our lack of rain dates straight back to when the meeting was hel wherein the plan to cut was ratified. The Thunderer is obviously unhappy with what is happening, and we are feeling the heat from it.

Not long ago, one of the other members of ADF asked if anyone had noticed any benefit from the following of our ritual. During the whole rash of storms that swept across the country, our town almost entirely untouched save by drenching storms that brought a vast amount of fecundity to the area.  This ended abruptly with the decision by the DOT to cut down more than forty trees along our central corridor. I am certain that it was this decision that pissed off the gods, the ancestors, and the landspirits.

The only good thing is that the trees are not down yet. If we act quickly, they can be saved. Beside this, those of us working to save the trees will be helped – I have no doubt – by more than just our conscience and our neighbors.

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