Workout Reformation: Occam’s Protocol Five Days On

After reading my last post (the one on exercising), I realized that I was actually quite off the mark with Ferris’ Occam’s Protocol. Undismayed, I decided to reform and stick as strictly as I could to his pattern. I went back to my trusty bags of books and rigged up a bar with the dowel used to hang my armor (see the pic.), and set about trying to do his program.

It took all of fifteen minutes while the kids were working on a birthday banner for the girl next door. It’d have been less if I didn’t have to stop for readjustments of the bags.

This was workout A: seven reps of ‘Yate’s Bent Row’ with 5 secs. up and 5 secs. down with no pauses at top or bottom (I got through six with total muscle-failure on seven); then seven reps of vertical presses (I got through five and lost it on six). Workout B is supposed to be in three days, but we’ll see how I feel. After this little workout I was more taxed than I’ve felt in a long time. I’ll be interested to see how this is after two weeks.

In his book, Ferris recommends taking data to mark progress. I’ve never been much of a box-checker, but it has been easy enough to take the measurements he details. My spread over the last four weeks is as follows:

  • Sept. 13: 40″ waist, 39″ hip, 12″ L & R Biceps, 22″ L Thigh, 20.5″ R Thigh = 145″ Total
  • Sept 20: 38″ waist, 39″ hip, 12″ L & R Bicep, 20″ L & R Thigh = 141″ Total
  •  Sept. 28: 36″ waist, 38.5″ hip, 12″ L & R Bicep, 19.5″ L. Thigh, 19″ R. Thigh = 137″ Total.
  • Oct. 3: 36.5″ waist, 38.5″ hip, 12″ L. bicep, 12.5″ R bicep, 20.5 L thigh, 20″ R thigh = 140″ Total.
  • Oct. 10: 36.5″ waist, 38″ hip, 12.5″ L & R bicep, 20″ L & R thigh = 139.5

In terms of the overall ‘Ferris Effect’, I am pretty pleased.  Over the weekend I had access to my mother-in-law’s scale and I weighed in at 170 lbs. I’ve been 185–190 lbs. since 1995. Not bad for 3.5 weeks. Now after four weeks, I’ve lost 3.5″ inches off of my waist and .5″ off of my hip, my biceps have started gaining for the first time ever (just half an inch, but I’m still trying to get his exercise system sorted — pathetic I know), and  my legs are starting to even out in strength for the first time since I tore my ACL in 1992. I expect to be right back up at 185 before too long, but this time it will be lean muscle.

There are some concerns, though, but I don’t actually share them. D. want’s to get my cholesterol checked, what with the increased meat consumption. We’ll see, but I seriously don’t think there will be a problem. I have run into trouble with meal planning, since we tend to travel around town but have not the money to eat when and where we want. As a result, I have been forced to choose between skipping a meal and breaking the Slow-Carb diet. I suspect that this has been the reason for my slowed loss off of my waist over the last two weeks and plan to get this aspect sorted this week.

Energy is up, attitude is improved, and generally things are going well. Let’s keep it going!

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