Riding a New Wave

I am always astonished at the idiocy of the human race. People almost never take the wider perspective into account, never understand how the small, daily decisions they make impact the larger picture. People don’t recognize how the discrete moments of their lives are informed by and manifest the paradigms that are the lived experience of their spiritual realities, and — what is worse — they suspect that their words and actions are somehow removed from this very spiritual reality, as if what makes language possible also sets us apart from reality and capable of perceiving reality as something separate from us.

Naturally I am the same way, getting frustrated at the things in my life that don’t accord with my idea of happiness yet not possessing the perspective or wherewithal that would bring it about. Not that I am unhappy, but everyone goes through moments of unthinking frustration or anger. I have lots of great ideas, but I never seem to have the force of spirit to bring them to fruition.

Take this blog for instance: I have always laboured under the presupposition that blogs are naturally concerned with either the present or the past. History is almost always concerned more with what happened in the past than what will be happening in the near future, and journalism only makes the barest forays into what will come of current events. Speculative blogs, though, while more common are relatively rare. Even this one has always been focused on what is going on with me now.

I’ve decided to change that and use this blog as a place for speculating and dreaming, throwing whatever occurs to me from the vast body of those dreams, visions and fancies of the future and putting them beside the other currencies and pastenses that I had been posting here. My reasons for this are twofold; on the one hand, I think this will keep more closely to the vision that I had of this blog as a statement of myself over time (as opposed to Dream na Dhía where I post less temporally focused thoughts and observations). On the other, this will change the focus of this blog from recording things that have happened to aiding me manifest the life I intend to live.

The most obvious change that this will create is the formation of a new category title Oakengrove wherein I will begin amassing plans, thoughts and imaginings for things that I would like to achieve.

I have on occasion wondered if I should keep these to myself. After all, what if someone “steals” my ideas and runs away and accomplishes them? I have to laugh at myself then. We’re talking about dreams, not gold. If someone sees these things and thinks they are worthwhile, I hope they will recognize that since they are mine I am most suited to manifesting them. After all, there is a lot more where they came from. If someone loves them and has great ideas of their own, then I wish them well and the best of luck.

Ultimately, the gods will help whom they help. Trying to control the manifestations of divinity that form all that we see and know is like trying to make the waves curl. They’ll do it on their own. We just need to go with the flow in order to catch them. If we try to force or resist them, then we run the risk of getting the wind knocked out of us and our heads jammed into the sand — maybe even drowning.

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