Oakengrove Farms: Mission Statement

Oakengrove Farms is a fully diversified farming endeavor which takes its inspiration, conformation and entire modus operandi from the natural ecosystems that occur on our planet.

Our goal is to show that a diversified and integrated model of cultivation is as economically sound as it is ecologically beneficial. Drawing on concepts found in Permaculture, traditional pre-industrialized farming and green technology, our farming seeks to not only establish a sustainable source of many kinds of products, offering many kinds of goods and services from food and clothing to educational and recreational retreats, but to wholly redefine the possibilities of what our modern, advancing culture can do and be through the wise integration of society on the land through the give-and-take of various kinds of cultivation and production.

From reintegrating traditional, folk medicine, herbalism and patterns of life with modern understandings and sensibilities to rethinking how we interact with the land and the livings things that depend on it, Oakengrove’s singular approach offers an opportunity to develop a mutually beneficial relationship between humanity and the living earth.

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