Taking Stock

So it’s the end of the semester and that strange experience of increasing and decreasing pressure has begun: increasing because there is a crazy amount of grading to get through and decreasing because suddenly there is not any need to keep up with performing in

Portrait of the Author as a Basket Case

front of a class. That always creates a near-manic state of excited anticipation of all the fun things that become possible but at the same time make it very hard to concentrate on anything.

Thus I am placing here a description of what is underway in my world so that I can get a sense of where I am and what needs to happen day-to-day.

Of greatest interest to me is getting my podcast/website, Seanchas san Fhíseain, underway. It will be a work in progress, but my goal at the moment is to have at least one cast up every week. My secondary objective is to get up one post for each category so that when someone comes by they get a sense of what the whole will become. Of course I still have my regular blogs here and at Dream na Dhía and will be maintaining them at the same time.

My plan is to then use this as a showcase for the kind of things that I would like to do for a Research Centre for the Traditional Arts. It’s not like one exists, but it’s be a great idea. My vision for it is a place where the traditional productive arts from many different cultures could be pursued, compared and cultivated. From glass-blowing to epic poetry, any skill that leads to a work of art would qualify, and it would also allow for traditional cultures to have a place at University within its financial landscape.

One of the things that setting Seanchas san Fhíseain up has taught me is that I need to get my art going again. The reason is that I cannot simply use whatever images are left around the internet anymore for my presentations if I am posting to my own personal site (and perhaps making a profit off of the efforts — as I hope). This means that I will need to produce materials like maps, photographs and artwork that illustrate my points and to which I have the rights. The easiest thing to do is make my own.

This of course is all in addition to making presents for the Yuletide, decorating the house, trying to get an altar set up (or at least a place to meditate), and of course finishing up the grading and getting the website for next semester’s classes up and running — oh, and that includes getting the Moodle site up and ready for the classes that I am teaching at Cherry Hill Seminary.

… sheesh!

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