Energy on the move …

I first saw the new moon earlier this week — Thursday I think it was — and since then things have just been completely crazy. The house has been turned upside down, the children and dogs have been flying off the walls, and nobody has been getting any sleep. Things keep disappearing, then reappearing in the weirdest places and Everything has that surreal quality of a fever-dream, and I just can’t seem to keep up with it all.

All I can figure is that it must be the moon coming into Imbolc. Has anybody else noticed this wild energy building? I’m hoping that this wildness is part of a build-up to some massive change for the good, but on a deeper level my instinct is that this energy at least needs to be worked or channeled or something.

I was reading in an account of Scottish folklore from the eighteenth century that in the writer’s recent memory almost every household in Scotland had brownies that assisted with house-chores. Man, how much do I need one of them? It’s almost like we have the opposite: some sort of brownie that delights in trashing the place. I remember in Orkney there was a story about a man who wanted to get away from his ‘house-elf’ because it made so much noise when it was cleaning, but it actually followed him.

Now that I think about it, I believe one of his complaints was that he had to keep feeding it. Maybe we need to start leaving out some cream.

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