All Hail the Fluffy Bunny

This is going to be a very quick post that will not in any way express the depth of what is actually going on. Nevertheless I feel the need to document here something which I think is quite important.

It has been growing on my mind that many of the points of contention that seem to occupy the time of people online are becoming so tiring and pointless as to be not worth my time. Most importantly, sexuality, politics and religion. I am increasingly finding that I cannot bring myself to care about whether one side or another ‘wins.’ Nothing will really change if they do, and those who will be successful and prosperous as the decades slide by will not be so by dint of their stance with regard to gay marriage, the economy, health-care in the United States or even right-wing Christianity. I am not saying that none of it matters, only that the contention many wage over these topics is pointless. Men and women will still be having sex with the wrong people (and the right). Some people will become horrifically poor while others gloriously rich. Some people will unjustly die for lack of care while others will receive aesthetic enhancements for free, and the gods will still work their wonders no matter what any of us believe.

In the midst of all this, I found that a focus came to me that summarizes my outlook perfectly. I immediately took it on as a kind of talisman or fetish. It is a small cartoonish rabbit that came from some little set of my daughter’s toys. I’ve seen it a hundred times, but the other day I looked into its big black eyes (doubtlessly painted in Asia somewhere) and realized that his supercilious grin, his coyly folded hands and his sarcastically but patiently rolling eyes were a perfect expression of the divine. At one moment he clearly seems to be saying that he can take none of this seriously, while at another he seems to be saying that he has done something ‘behind the scenes’ that renders all the hubbub pointless drivel. Clearly exuding a childish schematism of innocent playfulness, he also manifests a mocking virility — a kind of laughing, almost malicious sexuality that undermines the well-ordered logic of rational, human control. It’s the terror that clowns sometimes inspire blended perfectly with the innocuous rascality of Thumper.

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