Nuathosach, Úrchaoi

Back in September I turned away from my pagan blog, Dream na Dhía, in order to focus on building my website Seanchas san Fhíseáin and begin cultivating a more deliberate presence on the web. That hasn’t changed but I have now found a seemingly endless propensity for distraction. Ironically this has not come from our society’s self-declared industry of titillation but from the endless ‘nuts-n-bolts’ kind of logistics that proliferate from the things I actually want to do.

In order to reign in on this gallivanting horde of Pandora’s nit-picky details, I have decided to return to this blog as a way of keeping my vision clear. The idea is to come back here regularly in order to focus on, in the words of the Apostle, “whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable.” (Just because I consider myself pagan doesn’t mean I can’t recognize truth when I see it — unless you’re Christian, in which case … anyway.) We’ll see what actual form it takes, but hopefully this will help me keep regularly to advancing in the direction I wish to go.

Right now there are a number of projects that require my attention in addition to my teaching a class this semester on Arthurian literature and medieval mythology and getting my head around them is priority one. In this circumstance I believe a bullet list might be in order:

  • I am bartering Irish lessons with a friend in exchange for babysitting services. This absolutely brilliant, but in order to ensure that I offer a proper exchange I have decided to make it a properly structured undertaking. 
  • A friend has put me in touch with a publishing co. that connects writers with expert editors in order to assit in the publishing process. It’s grunt-work, but might bring in some extra money right now as things are in transition.
  • My book on the Tuatha Dé Danann progresses slowly as I am distracted by other books on which I have been working over the last three years. It’s to finish something — anything!
  • This April sees the CSANA conference in Toronto, and a paper of mine was just accepted to it, which means that my work on my book will translate well, but I believe my doctoral supervisor will be there, and I really would like to make a good impression as my topic will be on one of her pet texts.
  • Additionally, some friends of mine and I are embarking on a new venture which has some amazing potential but will require some significant planning in order to reach the goals that we are setting.
  • Come to think of it, the same can be said of another group of friends, but while the one above will be focusing on real goods, this will be focusing on internet content in a more literary way. Hopefully you’ll see soon what I mean. It will certainly give me a chance to flex my fiction-writing muscles and will hopefully give me a good platform through which to advance Seanchas san Fhíseáin.

I believe this about covers everything. Step two will be to arrange my time so that these all progress easily to their respective goals and still leave time for gaming.

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