Ceud Cheuman air an Ath-thuras

Wheels turn. Wings beat. The night comes and goes.

I had the opportunity to join a shamanic workshop a week ago last Saturday led by Leonard Howell — my first ever — and it did not disappoint, though the phrase ‘baby-steps’ is stuck in my head. Working and studying for years as an academic has trained me to think in the most self-critical terms, so I welcomed the opportunity to jump head-first into something entirely experiential and not cerebral. I was also reminded during the workshop by our amazing host that Libras, being ruled by air, tend to be more intellectually focused than other signs.

I had planned a full description of all the realizations and developments that came from it, but one of the visions I had could be taken as a warning to not publish too broadly communications meant more for me particularly. Instead, I am going to note here an idea that I’ve been kicking around for managing my time. My purpose is to define the system here, testing it out in my own life, noting my successes, failures and so on here in this blog, and then perhaps publish it more widely if it is very useful.

Naoi Roinnean an Saoghail: The Nine Divisions of Life

There are nine modes of living: focal nodes in which we work through the vicissitudes of life. The theory is that in balancing these areas, a good mode of living that fosters abundance in all things will be certified. My motivations in putting this together were many and varied, but foremost in my mind was the constant scrambling to balance time spent on my career with time spent on family, financial logistics, etc. I also wanted to define areas according to my understanding of traditional Gaelic culture so that I could begin feeling that there was a certain degree of continuity between my life and that of my forebears.

The following is just a very rudimentary list that will serve as a skeleton for further development as I define the time spent on each throughout the week.

  1. Ainm — Spiritual Life (Personal Religion)
  2. Meanmna —Mental Life, Learning and Mental Skills
  3. Corp — Fitness & Physical Skills
  4. Fine — Family
  5. Ceanchair — Pietas (Community & Public Religion )
  6. Céilsine — Finances & Due Císean
  7. Gairm — Career & Personal Advancement
  8. Imchogar — Planning, Reflecting and ‘Centering’
  9. Falamh — Time Off

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