8. Imchogar: Planning and Reflecting

Continuing with my defining of the roinnean that I intend to define my time as part of a program of more balanced living, I’m turning to the eighth category: imchogar.

There are times when we must take a step back and think about our lives objectively. At those times we need to see where we’ve come from, where we are, and where we are going. Imchogar denotes a process through which one thinks literally around  a subject (Old Irish imme, Scottish Gaelic mu, as in mu dhèidhinn), and in this case it is our own life and action. The term ‘around’ implies a centre, and in this way imchogar relates to how we place ourselves and our story at the heart of everything we touch. Thus the act of writing (or reading in your case) this post falls either under the heading of ainm or meanma, but at the moment when you put it down and begin to apply these concepts to your own life you switch to an act of imchogar.

Cosmological Sketch
This is a rough cosmological sketch that I’ve been working on to help organize my sensibilities. It is based on the Classical Gaelic model of the house and land-use evident in early tales and legal tracts. There isn’t the time to really go into it here, but I’ll write on it in further posts.

There is an additional element to this, however, that will not seem apparent at first. You may have noticed that in my arrangement of roinnean there has been no place set aside for cleaning the house, doing laundry or any other of the myriad actions that handle the logistics of day-to-day life. This is because properly these acts fall within the purview of imchogar. At first, this may seem odd because cleaning and shopping are often mindless and even possibly demeaning for many who would rather do other things, but these actions allow us to centre physically in the space where our lives occur. By arranging our things in our space as we know they should be we put hand to object and begin altering deliberately and carefully the space in which we live. It is the first step on the path to allowing what is in our soul to imprint itself on the world around us.

There is a further dimension to this, but it is worth a separate post in and of itself as I would have to define several other terms in order to write about it effectively.

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