Language Matters

I thought I would point out quickly that I’ve decided to redefine the linguistic focus of this blog and my other one, Dream na Dhía. I’ve struggled with making a commitment to either  Scottish or Irish Gaelic, so you may notice that I go back and forth between the two. Well, the truth is that I would properly like to go back to a literary Gaelic that is shared between them, but since that is about as likely as a lake appearing at the North Pole … er … ok, maybe not the best choice of similes …

Anyway, I’ve decided from here on to use Scottish Gaelic on this blog and Irish at Dream na Dhía. My reasons for doing this are many and varied, and while I realize that you could completely disagree with them I’m still going to do what I do. In a nutshell and between the two, Scottish Gaelic (called Gàidhlig from here on) is the more colloquial, the more conservative linguistically, and the more orally focused of the two (going làmh-air-làimh with its colloquial character). Irish (called Gaeilge from here on) is more centred in its literary character, more deliberate and — as much as it pains me to say it — more officious in its sensibilities. (I reiterate that these are my own excruciatingly personal camagan.)

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