A New Moon

The New Moon is a good time to start. Period.


Hard Places Are at Least Definitive

I’ve rebooted my exercise routine. There was no urge to do so, and I was quite happy with how my workouts were progressing: Duilleog and I became members of Goodlife Fitness, and I was ramping up my strange blending of Tim Ferris’ Occam’s Protocol with Men’s Health’s Spartacus Workout 2.0. Then the spot in my…

Workout Reformation: Occam’s Protocol Five Days On

After reading my last post (the one on exercising), I realized that I was actually quite off the mark with Ferris’ Occam’s Protocol. Undismayed, I decided to reform and stick as strictly as I could to his pattern. I went back to my trusty bags of books and rigged up a bar with the dowel…